I cannot wait to see your face when you come crawling back to me (   )

John O’Callaghan of The Maine at warped. 6.22.14


John O’Callaghan of The Maine at warped. 6.22.14


mE??? in lo ve wtih…comIC BOOK CH ARCTR???? h aha no……taht woudl be ST UPID……comci bo ok cahrcter…..just drawgni……..

allow yourself to give in to this bliss

Do you have anyyyy clue what John O'Callaghans necklace means or what's even on it?! It's the gold one that he's been wearing at warped tour. I'm dying to know. ☺️ thank you.

I searched for some pics of him at the Warped but it’s practically impossible to see with clarity due to the sun and angles, sorry

I’ll definitely keep this doubt with me and if I see something about it, I’ll let you know

so if you’re not obsessed with bands or musicians what exactly do you do with your life

'I live in a room with no windows'  - garage. It’s called a garage, john.

Kennedy Brock's Big Joke!

  1. Kennedy: Why did Kennedy cross the road?
  2. John: Why?
  3. Kennedy: Why? huh, to-to get to where, huh, i am going to be when i see you
  4. Jared: LA
  5. Jared: The answer is LA
  6. Kennedy: LA!!
  7. John: is there more to it?
  8. Kennedy: nah, nah, it was my big question of the day
“Just shut up and drive. I think that’s Pink.”
John O’Callaghan (via john—o-callaghan)
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