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so if you’re not obsessed with bands or musicians what exactly do you do with your life

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'I live in a room with no windows'  - garage. It’s called a garage, john.

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The Maine | The Making of 'Imaginary Numbers'

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Kennedy Brock's Big Joke!

Kennedy: Why did Kennedy cross the road?
John: Why?
Kennedy: Why? huh, to-to get to where, huh, i am going to be when i see you
Jared: LA
Jared: The answer is LA
Kennedy: LA!!
John: is there more to it?
Kennedy: nah, nah, it was my big question of the day
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“Just shut up and drive. I think that’s Pink.”
— John O’Callaghan (via john—o-callaghan)

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poor little pet


Poor little pet on the side of the road,

he never saw it coming.

I bet that he thought he’d live to be old,

he never saw it coming.

My chest starts to swell, my heart starts to fold,

"he never saw it coming!"

I sit and I sob but the truth be told,

he knew that it was coming,

we know that it is coming.

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We prefer to do things on our own

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